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Step Forward: Western Australia Police Recruitment in Second Life

Second Life pavilion

The Western Australia Police Recruitment Pavilion is now open to the public. Visit us in Second Life now!

The Pavilion

Our pavilion offers people interested in a career in law enforcement in WA a place to explore the opportunities on offer at the Western Australia Police Service, link through the relevant webpages, and interact with actual police recruiters in a virtual space.

How to visit

The pavilion can be found in the Second Life virtual world. Before you can visit you will have to have a Second Life avatar or sign up for a free one here.

Secondlife website If you follow the three steps on that page, you will be taken through character creation and installing the Second Life client.

If you have finished the set-up process or already have an active Second Life account and the client installed you can click here to teleport directly to the pavilion.

The recruitment pavilion was developed by Binary Culture in conjunction with the Western Australia Police service and Step Forward.

Step Forward

Step Forward is the Western Australia Police recruitment website providing information about joining the Western Australia Police service. It includes details about international officers transitioning into WA Police, recruit entry, the cadets (traineeship) program, salary and benefits, as well as application forms.

Binary Culture

Binary Culture is a leading-edge digital content, infrastructure and management consultancy, providing strategic and technical support, team development and project management services from offices in Perth and Melbourne.

Binary Culture was created by Interzone founder Robert Spencer as a direct response to the local infrastructure and consulting needs identified by launching a triple-A games studio in Australia.

Press Releases:
Binary Culture Launches the WA Police into Virtual Worlds

For more screenshots, launch video, minimum system requirements and other information click here.